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Don Springer - Photographic Artist

"Landscape pictures can offer us, I think, three verities - geography, autobiography, and metaphor. Geography is, if taken alone, sometimes boring, autobiography is frequently trivial, and metaphor can be dubious, But taken together .... the three kinds of information strengthen each other and reinforce what we all work to keep intact - an affection for life."
-Robert Adams

Don Springer grew up in Colorado, where he played some competitive golf, and obtained a degree in economics at Colorado State. After working as an assistant golf pro for a couple of years, he sought an education in art. The original idea,  to be an illustrator, was quickly replaced by photography. Especially color.

A move East led to an MFA at Mass Art, and many years of teaching at Salem State University. In those days, film photography was the standard. Working in medium format and 4x5,  he experimented with the assembly of panoramas. As digital capture matured, the possibilities of more seamless image assembly emerged.​ Later, pictures from the sky.

Past experience suggested golf as a photographic subject. He could explore how golf courses inhabit the larger man made landscape, and resulting environmental consequences. Or the unique tastes, fashions, and tools associated with the game. Or how golf mirrors society, with its reputation for exclusivity and elitism. Or how golf becomes an obsession - where players call it a spiritual discipline that leads to a zen-like self awareness....

He now lives and photographs in Central Massachusetts. His most current local work is concerned with the history, present, and potential direction of the landscapes near his home - especially spaces that show the results of human habitation.



Master of Fine Arts, Photography

Massachusetts College of Art and Design




University of Colorado at Denver

Arapahoe Community College

Bachelor of Arts, Economics 

Colorado State University






Salem State University

Middlesex Community College

Mass Art Continuing Education

Montserrat College of Art

Selected Exhibitions 





Attached Agendas, Winfiskey Gallery at Salem State University

Faculty Group Exhibition, Winfiskey Gallery

Juried Summer Exhibition ,Tufts University Art Gallery

Make It Work ,Winfiskey Gallery

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