Listen some more.

No preconceived notions.

No question is silly.

Take good notes. Review.

Clear the noggin.

Pencil to sketch pad.

Off we go. 



When I was little, I would spend hours on the floor of my room—or my friends' rooms—drawing and coloring battle scenes from some of the TV shows of the late 60s and 70s like Lost in Space, Star Trek and Space 1999. I'd collect pen and pencil sets I'd purchased from local stationary stores, test them for sharpness and color and compare and trade them with my friends. I'd practice my handwriting and my signature and doodle for hours. I loved every minute of it and wanted to get back to that creativity to see if I could make a life out of something I truly enjoyed.

I made a career change from sales to graphic design in 2000. 

I take on each assignment—whether it be a project piece or a magazine feature—knowing three things. I understand the subject matter because I listen. I ask questions and I take good notes. I then try to speak intelligently about it through design. To do that, I work with the notion that stuff needs to be simple and clean so it doesn't look like, well, stuff.

I'm not ashamed to say there's plenty of times I miss the mark and have to start over. But that's just it. I get to start over—another clean sheet of paper and a sharpened #2 pencil.




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